Garrett Galloway

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I have recently added some advertisements on the page to help with the cost of additional bandwidth required to keep up with demands from the traffic these link ins bring. Between these sites I received a 150000% increase in traffic. Links to stories: and Thank you to you both!

The Creation of a Hackerspace!

Just something new I've recently started - I am currently chasing down the Bedford Public Library in an attempt to do something that seems to be happening all over the US. Public libraries are now starting to host hackerspaces! These are great places of learning as well as areas to spur new industry and economic growth. Hopefully this turns out well.

More Pictures and New Projects

I have a few new pieces of work I've been involved with lately. Check out the build of the lattice free pcb and the Duramax Guage Mod

New Projects

My new projects are always evolving - I have a few additions to my electronics 'lab' and this little site should start to get more active.

Welcome to my site!

I will be posting content as I have time. Look for changes soon.