The assembly of the lattice...
The population of my free PCB from Dangerous Prototypes went pretty well.
finished lattice next to bus pirate
This was the first time I used any 603 packaged components. These guys are TINY. Getting down to business...
Cleaning and Flux
I started out by cleaning the board and then putting down some flux on the main Lattice IC. Due to the proximity of other components, this would not have been the first component I set down if I could do it over.

Soldering, then desoldering
I did have relatively good luck with the Lattice IC itself. I used the drag soldering method due to the fact it is easy, and I didn't have appropriately sized solder for this job.

I lined up the IC - it stays because I'm using paste flux.

Next I tac the corners in place with little blobs of solder.

I drag the iron across the pins with a lead of solder on top of them and I'm left with ugly shorted leads.

To remove the shorted leads I use solder wick to go over and remove all of the excess solder. This leaves me with a nice completely fitted IC

I would also have left this component to one of my last placements due to it's proximity to other components as well.

I started out by fluxing the pads, and then tinning the pads in preperation for the LDO.

This turned out nice and went together pretty simple.

Crystal Clear - or Not
The crystal oscilator was a bit more difficult - likely due to my inexperience with parts like this. I tried several different ways to get the crystal on the board including just fluxing the board, tinning the board pads and then finally the method that worked - tinning the pads on the crystal itself.

This is the images of the successful method - tinned IC pads and lots of flux.

TINY SMD Components
This was not as easy to capture good pictures of, so I just soldered on all of the components and took a few different angles. I tinned the components themselves and then held them in place with a little flux and tacked them down.

Finished Product
I have a few lessons new learned and a solid dev board. Now time to do some hacking...
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